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Best Social Networks for Small Businesses

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So, you're a small business owner and trying to figure out, "Okay, which social networks do I need to be on?" Well I've developed a great method for choosing and I want to share it with you right no whey busy people! I am a social media geek and an efficiency nerd, and this post is all of that wrapped into one.  So first, I want to absolve you of the guilt and the pressure that you feel to post on ALL the social networks.  It can't be done unless you're a big national brand with big team.  It is a waste of your time.  You're much better off doing a really good job on 1, 2, 3 maybe, then trying to be everywhere and doing just an okay job. A couple weeks ago I had a woman asked me, "what should I be doing on LinkedIn?" And Isai, "Nothing! You sell clothing and accessories!" Now not that a clothing and accessories business couldn't be on LinkedIn, but man, sure not going to be as good as a great visual platform.  So, don't try and be on all of them.  Even if you’ve already created the accounts, shut them down.  Or if you want to keep your usernames for the future just tag something on there, like if you're not going to use Twitter anymore put a post down there that says, "Hey I'm much more active on Instagram and Snapchat, follow me here. " So the $5 method for choosing your social media networks for your small business: Imagine that tomorrow you woke up and there was this big press conference with the heads of all the social media companies, got together and they said, "Hey we've all agreed we should be making more money, so we're going to charge $5 a month for each social network that you want to be on. " So that's $5 for Instagram, $5for Facebook, $5 a month for LinkedIn, $5 a month for Pinterest.  So now as a small business owner, which ones are you going to keep? Which ones? The answer is not "none of them" by the way.  Hopefully some of them are bringing you some value, but if the difference between you spending time one social network or not spending time is literally $5, that network is not worth your time.  If your business doesn't get $5 worth of value a month off Twitter, then get off it! Stop bothering! Sorry Twitter, I'm not trying to pick on you.  I like Twitter.  No offense. So, when trying to decide which networks it's going to be, ask yourself these3 questions, okay? First question: what platform are my customers or clients (or potential customers and clients) on? Almost everybody's on Facebook.  People who like beautiful visuals are on Instagram.  A lot of younger audiences are on Snapchat.  Business people that like to network and do lead generation are on LinkedIn.  Now I can't answer this question for you unless we spoke, and I learned about your business but ask yourself what networks your people are on.  Second question to ask yourself is, which social networks do you really enjoy? Or which ones do you hate the least (if you hate all of them)? Those are the ones you'll do the best job on.  And the third question to ask yourself is, which networks play to my strengths? If you're a photographer, probably Instagram plays to your strengths.  If you love being on camera and making videos like I'm doing then Facebook, YouTube, Those are great platforms for you, I mean a lot of them are doing video now as well, but you have to decide where do your strengths fit If you hate being on camera, then it's notional be one of those camera facing platforms.  If you love writing, LinkedIn might be a great place for you.  So, buy Instagram Likes and Views as well as other social media services from and you will not be disappointed!

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