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Instagram Hashtags: HASHTAG like a PRO to gain more followers

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So what are hashtags I'm sure many of you know what they are and I'm sure many of you use them but for those of you who are new to Instagram hashtag is basically a way of categorizing your video so you can make it discoverable, if you just post an Instagram close to your feed you're only going to be sharing that to the people who actually follow you on Instagram, so by including a hashtag let's say #Coffeeeveryone who searches for the hashtag coffee could possibly find your post so it’s a great way of getting your content out there to millions and millions of people. So, you're thinking okay this sounds pretty good, next time I take a photo I’ll upload it and include hundreds of hashtags.  Well wait, before you think of doing that it's a bad idea who is a hashtag limit and now Instagram sets that at 30hashtags, so if you think of doing like60 hashtags it’s not going to work in your favour so definitely don't do that.  So, I would recommend doing a high-quality tag.  Don’t just fill them up with rubbish hashtags it kind of looks like spam and it's notional help your post, oh and by the way if you're not following us yet make sure you follow us on Instagram at @feeling abundant our photos, leave us a comment and we'll make sure to comment back as well okay so now let's look at what types of hashtags you should use Now it's important when you research and post your hashtags you want to be posting to hashtags that have a lot of posts in them, so some big tail hashtags we also want to be looking for niche hashtags, hashtags where there aren’t too many posts so if we look into this here so if we go to #Singing you can see there are 9. 8 million posts to this so if you're quite a new Instagram profile you're going to find it quite hard to rank within this hashtag.  So if we look at #singing with the hashtag singing with the microphone emoji there’s only 95,000 which is still quite high, but it'll be much easier to eventually trend into a tag which has less posts into it so if you can find a niche hashtag to use and you should definitely be using that same hashtag in all of the photos that you post on Instagram it'll be much easier for you to rank. I mean imagine how it will look in about year or twos time if you've got one to two hundred photos in hashtag which doesn’t have that many posts in it, say four to five thousand but one to two hundred of them are your photos foregoing to be ranked a little bit higher isogonal help push you into the next bracket of Instagram hashtags but also when people scroll through this hashtag here you know imagine you have close to 200 images into this feed here what you’ll do is you'll see your images popping up time and time again and that’s a great way to be discovered overtime.  As I say over time you've got the work in for this to really work.  So next how do you find the Instagram hashtags that you should be using on Instagram? The best way I find is if you go into ‘search' here you go to the search box at the top here make sure you've got 'tags ‘selected at the top and just start typing in the word that you're trying to rank for so it could be photography it could be street photography it could be singing like in our previous example so I’m searching for singing here and as you can see in this list as it populates you start to see the amount of posts which are inside that hashtag so some of these aren't loading quite properly but if we go to singing I'll kind of try and go into that so you can see that’s got 9. 8 million posts inside there as we scroll down this list you can see there’s ones like #singing talent and that has 4575there's #singing vines which has 22,000posts there's #singing video with190,000 posts so you really want to keep scrolling through this list and look for ones like this one here we've got #singingQueen and it just has three thousand eight hundred and fifty four posts inside it so if you were a female singer it's worth considering posting into that hashtag and the reason why Alike doing on Instagram is it’s populating this with hashtags that people are actually searching for as well so these aren't just like random hashtags where you'll never be found people are actually using and searching for these hashtags so it's a really good thing to use now the next thing you want to do we're going to jump back into this search list here.  if we tap the top one here and go to #singing as it loads you'll see along the top here you get related hashtags now thesis a really good tip and secret to finding the next best hashtag to use because if you use the search box adjust type in singing it's only going to find hashtags with the words singing in or sing it's not going to find related hashtags so if you look here you can see we’ve got #vocals #sing#songcover #Interfingers let's go on #instasingeryou can see here as this load it's only got 272,000 now if you look again under related so you could use that instating but look here under the related we’ve got #dailysingoff #singing#InstaMusician#songcover - so let's type Solet’s press the #song cover that's going to that and we can see that's got340,000 posts and again we've got related hashtags here below that and I'll scroll across drywaller find a really nice looking hashtags got a #vocalsingingcover #topvocalistso let's go into that and as this loads that's got two hundred and fifty five thousand posts and what I would do is just keep going through these are related hashtags and try and find some good big hashtags to target but also find some medium and some small ones as it's much easier to rank in the smaller ones to begin with so how do you trend well if we've been following those tips before this will really help I mean let’s be completely honest if you've goat brand new Instagram feed you're not going to be trending any time soon it’s all really about the hard work but if you go through this search results section and you post into those small ones that will help you get ranked within those smaller niches that will help you be discovered and that will help you as you go into the bigger and bigger hashtags and that's really going to help your growth over the next year to two years and it is about that hard work don't think you can just post one photo on Instagram and you're going to blow up overnight that's never going to happen if you've seen videos on YouTube about that ignore it's not going to happen you’ve got to put the work in.  Get involved in the community and that's the next thing we want to talk about how to get involved in the community this is how you do it you want to make sure that you’re not just posting a photo and then leaving, if you're getting comments make sure you comment back it's really nice if you are the person who's left a comment to get a reply from the person who’s actually posted that photo it feels really good you're making someone feel good about themselves they're gonane interested in what you do they may give you a follow and they may look at all of your future posts so it helps build that trust build that engagement don’t just go through and spam just a nice photo, nice photo, nice photo get involved ask people about what cameras they’ve been using what microphones they use how they have got that great picture on their feed things like that will help you really get involved in the community. There is a way and this is a nice little secret tip here of how you can get more involved in the community busing hashtags to your advantage when it comes to search, so what we're going to do here and this is a fairly new feature you may be aware of this it's a fairly new feature to Instagram and it can be really great so let's just say in this example you're a photographer and you’re interested in street photography, so we’re going to search for street photography and here and you can see there’s 46 million posts now well this one’s probably a little bit broad to follow but let's say you are really interested and that is the community that you want to be involved with what I would recommend here at the top you can see there's now a 'Follow' button if you press that follow button you're going to be now following the hashtag 'street photography' so your feed will be populated with users photos, who use the hashtag you don't necessarily have to be following those users either so following a hashtag is a great way to get inspiration for your next post it’s great way to get involved in the community as you're getting kind of your niche coming directly to you so you can comment on it imagine as well when you start using the hashtag people are going to see you and find you that same way so it’s just, you know the old saying "what goes around, comes around" it's certainly true in Instagram you post great content you receive great content you keep doing it rinsing and repeating it and your followers will grow and grow in no times I hope you've found all of those tips really useful if you follow those I promise that'll help explode your Instagram growth but there's one key thing I've left until last and this is probably the most important tip out of all if your actual feed post and your feed is made up of rubbish photos no matter how you use a hashtag you're not going to get any likes you're not going carefully about the types of photos you to get any follow so really think are posting so that's the top tip there make sure you post a really great image first then back it up with great hashtags, using the great hashtags will help you to become found and it'll help you to be involved in your community and for your community to be involved with you and that's how your Instagram is really going to grow.  next video now in our Instagram masterclass series see you there!

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