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Instagram Marketing from Beginner to Advanced

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In this article, we're going to talk about instagram marketing from beginner to advanced so no matter whether you're new to instagram marketing or even if you're advanced already we're going to give you some strategies and techniques that we use to make instagram profitable for us so stay tuned we'll cover that in this articleall right everybody welcome back and thank you for joining me my name is Dan Wolf also known as the CEO of EliteSMM Shop.

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We'll make sure to teach you how to target your ideal Instagram customers alright so stay tuned to the end so guys the most important thing that you need to understand about Instagram is that it's no longer just a photo sharing platform and not only that there's now 30 million companies using Instagram to try and build their business you really need to understand how Instagram works who you should target how the content on Instagram really plays a difference when it's compared to its partner Facebook.

So let's go ahead and jump right into talking about some beginner strategies for Instagram alright so the first thing you guys are going to want to do is make sure that you actually have a business account to do that it's pretty simple you're just going to click the Settings thing up there click settings down here you go to account so you'll see it down here basically all you need to do is click on that go through the necessary setup process which basically it'll ask you to link to your Facebook page.

If you have one set up what you'll definitely want to do go ahead and switch over if not you'll just need to create a new account and then name it you know your brand name and basically you're ready to go let's make sure that we set up SMART goals guys you need to actually understand and talk about what your Instagram account is going to be for are you going to use it to build awareness and promote your brand try to generate sales and leads what are you really going to use Instagram for.

What you can do is look at the style of business that you're working with is this a local national regional international what style of businesses it as far as its reach and then what type of business is it as far as the service it provides so just understand the type of business and then set goals that accomplish the business goals for that account criminal attorney style business you're probably going to run more remarketing and brand awareness campaigns.

That's really it you're not going to do it some cold traffic so set SMART goals cater to that but notice what I keep mentioning here guys we're not just running one ad campaign we're running remarketing campaigns to those people that we attract initially because no matter what platform you use whether it's Instagram Facebook snapchat YouTube if you do not remark it to the people visiting your profiles then it does not matter they're less much much less likely to convert when you create goals all of your goals should align with these four performance metrics below so as you create these goals just make sure that they align with these different stages in the sales phone.

Basically, this is the sales cycle right here at the sales funnel right in front of you you're just making sure your goals align with those sales funnel stages that's it the next thing we're going to look at is our audience and content strategy the first thing I want to mention guys is if you already have your Instagram account up and running you can go to Instagram insights.

Then look at the tools that they offer really just the data that they provide you about who your audience is so to use audience insights all you do is again click this top corner click insights and then you'll see some data about who's coming to your account it just gives us a very good idea of who our audience is now you can take that information and actually use it to cater to the content that you're trying to create and just some quick tips for you guys Instagram their platform is actually about 71% of the users on the platform are under the age of 35 so they're 35 or younger so with content strategy what you actually want to consider.

That Instagram is famously known for being a short form style of content platform meaning when I post right here inside of the feed I can't do anything more than 60 seconds when I post something inside of the story I can't post anything longer than actually 15 seconds outside of that Instagram does have IGTV but too many smaller companies can't really benefit from it also just understand that we talked about this earlier but Instagram is more.

Branding right it's more for branding and building awareness in general than it is for something like direct sales what Instagram is really good at is building awareness and getting the brand name out there to audiences that might have not have known that it existed in the beginning the last part I want to talk about to you guys is committing to a regular posting schedule just like Facebook just like YouTube or snapchat any of the other platforms blogging it has to come down to a consistent posting schedule.

People start to understand when you're going to post things and they expect it with stories it's a little different meaning you can just post a story at any random time so the next section we want to talk about is optimizing your profile so really guys the first thing is you want to set up your actual bio and it needs to establish a personality and really talk about your messaging brand voice what are you there to do that's it it needs to make someone really ask themself a question internally really make them think about what it is that your business offers and why it's better or consider at least why it would be better than the others or competitors out there in the market also make sure you're using hashtags it's something that helps Instagram determine what type of page we are and it will help rank us when people do searches on Instagram for these specific types of topics I recommend putting a call to action towards the bottom of your bio if you have space to put something for your bio link next is gonna be your profile pic guys it's super simple you just need to have something that represents the brand or business so whether that means a logo or the person's face whatever it is it needs to be large enough to where people understand what it is the next thing you're going to want to do is obviously set up your email address you can see business profiles get an email button if you want to receive emails you can also put your phone number and you can even add a button for getting directions if you have a physical location also if you're at your page you can click edit profile right here and you can see this is where it'll allow you to change your name you can change your user name you can see our name isn't even a real name what we've done is we've used keywords related to our business so that way if people type those in the search bar on Instagram we come up but the next thing we're gonna want to do is start creating our content calendar the first thing you're gonna want to talk about is your customers stories and how they felt about it go behind the scenes of your business and actually show you know some of the product being created or shipped or whatever right but you can see right here is something that was special to them and it's special to us because it showcases why our product is great and it's actually doing what we say it does another thing is just showing something behind the scenes or something about your personal life something you're doing just out and about it's going to benefit your audience because it shows that you're not just a business you are a real person that you do really care about who you're selling your products and services to something else that's important is to keep the look and feel of your content on Instagram semi consistent we're in the met we're actually in the process of changing up a lot of our style but you can see our style is pretty much the same we always have videos that are training we have bars with text on top that tell people what the video is going to be about if you're going to use video or if you're going to shoot video content make sure that you're shooting it with a high definition camera if you want some camera equipment or just shooting equipment or ideas we have tons of those right below this article in the description it's everything that we use we recommend for people to use just like yourself because most of it is super affordable and it helps with the quality of video and photos on your channel also with content you're going to want to obviously take into consideration your stories and what you're doing with your stories so for example if I click on our story for today you can see we have something on marketing questions I can take that question that they write to me basically take it and put it on my story so that way other people can see their question and then respond with the video so if you want to learn more about Instagram stories and how you can use those stickers and stories to build your brand and get more sales and leads and engagement check out this video here in the top right hand corner you're gonna love it another piece of advice guys is to write compelling captions algorithm that Instagram uses to promote its post more organically which is going to help that post get more views by people who wouldn't have seen it otherwise and obviously if you're going to be posting things where people are commenting the next thing is going to be in growing and engaging with your audience because this is going to be the thing that builds trust and shows people that you're not just going to post something and then completely ghost them right you're actually there to respond to them and answer their question obviously Instagram hashtags are super important as well because this is going to help you actually segment your posts into different topics so the next point is is it just to obviously promote it on your other channels that's why you can see every YouTube video we always put up our tag our handle or our Instagram account so that way you guys go and follow it if there are people directly related to your product or serve an ear with other people who have an interest in your product or service they're technically an influencer right so people sharing your content whether they're big or small isn't a bad thing do you currently work with any influencers or do you have clients that you've worked with influencers on in the past if so did it work out for you or did it not what do you think the reason was or was not and leave it in the comments below we'd love to discuss that with you before we even get talking about the different types of formats and you know what you can do with Instagram that's the biggest thing that I want you guys to be aware of and this is more important than even understanding the platform is that you don't if you don't create a map and a campaign plan then you're not going to succeed so understand that there are different stages of the sales funnel right there's this building awareness and creating cold traffic right all of that's gonna eventually hopefully turn into leads which are going to go through a consideration phase they'll see your product they'll consider it they'll see more reasons why they should potentially buy it they'll see some customer testimonials some awards impress you've received those who don't convert from there you're gonna send them for minors and reminders and potentially try to give them an offer of some kind like free shipping or a free consultation whatever it is that your business offers and then if they don't buy from they're giving your best offer once people buy then you're going to do a post purchase remarketing campaign that actually gets gives them a thank you tries to sell them another product and then ask for a testimonial or a review of the product that they purchased initially but guys the most important thing to get is that if you don't have all of this stuff set up and if you don't understand what ads need to go where whether you should even run cold traffic ads or not you know after you generate that cold traffic you have to understand from there how to remarket to them to convince them to buy the product or service that you're creating guys just make sure that you're creating the plan before you even go or try to start setting up the ads inside of business managers alright guys so next we want to talk about Instagram ads okay and so Instagram ads are super super easy if you've already learned about Facebook ads because Facebook is actually the platform that you use to run Instagram ad which guys if you want to learn more about Facebook marketing and ads and how to use business manager and just some of the options available as far as targeting and the strategy. That's gonna help you get started if you haven't learned anything about Facebook Ads before but guys once you're inside and you've selected your objective that you want to use you're just gonna come down you'll set up your targeting and then once you get to placements don't leave it as automatic click Edit we're going to unselect not unselect the deselect Facebook we're gonna deselect audience Network and messenger and we're only going to focus on whether we're doing a feed ad or vice-versa a story ad so really there are four different types of Instagram ads that you can actually create you can see we have our carousel image or video and then we have collection ads the final tip that I want to mention to you guys is if they're trying to get longer than 15 seconds on a story the best way to do that is actually to create a carousel story at and you can link those three carousel videos together to make up to a 45 second video so that's gonna be super helpful for you guys wanting to run insert and story ads because stories are cheaper and they have a higher conversion rate than off of the newsfeed that's it for this article guys thank you so much for watching I hope this taught you a lot about Instagram marketing and where you really need to start to putting your plan together what you need to start optimizing and how to run your campaigns in the future and since you stayed tuned to the end I'm gonna give you this article right here that you're going to want to watch on how to create Instagram ads step-by-step so that way you actually get people that convert from your Instagram efforts but that's it for this article if you haven't already make sure you subscribe to this blog and make sure you also make sure you you comment if it was helpful for you so that way other people just like you get access to content just like this I'm gonna get out of here it was a fun one and I will see you guys on the next article!



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