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Scraping Instagram Service -

Scraping Instagram Service

There are a lot of FREE Reposting/downloading softwares on the market, while most other sites download a lower quality version, we download the original image / video! We will scrape any Instagram Media by Post, Username or Hashtag.

We also will provide the following:

  • Post URL
  • Caption / Description
  • # of likes
  • # of comments
  • Post Date
  • Username
  • Hashtags
  • Mentions

Another vital feature is that we will change the Hash (which is the data file of each picture) and change it so Instagram will think it is a complete new picture, Re-posting a picture using other providers will impair the reach of your image on Instagram as you are effectively plagiarising.

Finally, we can only do this on public and not private profiles! You will receive a zipped file containing all images/videos as well as a spreadsheet containing all of the above data. This is a unique service and a steal at this price as we are doing everything manually!

This service is perfect for anyone who is lacking content, but also is looking to repost pictures or videos without being negatively affected by Instagram's AI algorithm. We strong suggest our Instagram Hashtag service by clicking here.

If you are looking for more than 100 posts by username & hashtag, please contact us at