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Instagram Hashtag Research -

Instagram Hashtag Research

We will provide a spreadsheet of the top media of that particular day for that specific niche (up to 3) you will receive a spreadsheet with the 'caption', hashtags of the post as well as the number of likes and comments of that post. 

  • We are the only service to provide this.
  • This will allow you to rank your pictures in a large variety of hashtags
  • Using the same hashtags will impair your account and post visibility.  
  • You can choose a weekly service where we will send an updated report for those 3 niches because the top media posts are updated daily. We also offer a daily report but please contact us to get more information.

For only £20 you will receive the latest hottest media hashtags for up to 3 niches. We also have subscriptions for a weekly update for 1 month or a daily update whereby we send an email to you 5 days a week with the hottest hashtags for your 3 niches. If you want more niches, please buy more subscriptions.

To summarize below -

For £20 you will receive a report per niche (up to 3 niches) for the hottest posts of that particular day you post containing the caption, hashtags, likes & comments of that each post. On average we send between 40-60 posts by report. This will be sent by email.

For £60 you will receive the same report(s) as above but 4 times (once per week)

For £350 you will receive the same report(s) as above but 5 times a week, 20 times for that month usually Monday to Friday.