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Instagram Hashtags By Niche -

Instagram Hashtags By Niche

We will analyse a set of 250-500 Hashtags relating to your niche & Instagram account using our scraping Instagram Hashtag Software which analyses the top media posts by niche and scrapes the Hashtags into a spreadsheet.

We then analyse each hashtag and scrape the below information for each Hashtag:

  • Post Count
  • Min Likes
  • Max Likes
  • Avg Likes
  • Min Comments
  • Max Comments

This is used to then calculate the Probability of Ranking which compares the average likes of your Instagram account to the minimum likes of that hashtag that hits top 9. if you are higher than that there is a “higher chance” of ranking. Same thing goes with lower. 

We then input a Formula so you can directly copy and paste the various Hashtags into your Instagram Post.

Thirdly, we calculate the Tag Purpose which refers to the Probability Of Ranking and calculates whether it is Lower ---> It will be an exposure tag or Higher----> It will be a ranking tag.

Finally, we calculate the Hashtag Size which is ideal when you are building Hashtag sets, the ideal mix of hashtags is 10 High, 10 Medium & 10 Low for maximum results.

You will receive all of the above for only £30!