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Instagram Profile Audit - IG Audit -

Instagram Profile Audit - IG Audit

We will run an Instagram Profile Audit for you and send you a detailed PDF.

Depending on the age of your profile we will be able to get the following information:

  • Engagement Rate %
  • Follower Reach (Number of Followers, Number of Following, % of Followers that have less than 1500 Followings
  • Audience Type based on Engagement % (Real People, Influencers & Non-Engaging)
  • Best posts in terms of Likes & Comments
  • Authentic Engagement in terms of Likes & Comments per post.
  • Followers Location & Male/Female Ratio
  • Engagement, Follower & Following Growth over time.
  • Stats Growth in terms of Interaction
  • Hashtags Used
  • Latest Posts on Instagram
This is particularly useful if you want an Influencer Audit OR if you are looking to get an overall summary of your account. This needs to be a Public profile, no refunds given, the data heavily depends on your activity and age of your Instagram Profile! For only £10 this is a bargain!