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Social Media Brand Research Service -

Social Media Brand Research Service

We will collect the full history of your Brand mentions across the entire web and social media. Anyone looking for a daily report, please send us an email at

We will be restricted to the API of each social network or website.

Facebook/Instagram– last 100 posts or 2 weeks.
Twitter – about 2 weeks.
Google Plus/Blog Posts/Web – more than 1 year.

You will receive a detailed spreadsheet containing the following information:

  • Network
  • Username
  • URL
  • Posted Date
  • Media Type
  • Sentiment
  • Popularity Count

This service is perfect to find out exactly what is being said about your brand and where you can directly respond or get new customers.

Here is the current list of the supported networks:
- All Web
- Facebook (Exact page feed)
- Twitter
- Google+
- Youtube
- Instagram
- Tumblr
- Reddit
- Flickr
- Dailymotion
- Vimeo