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Twitter Social Listening - Leads Generation Service -

Twitter Social Listening - Leads Generation Service

Thanks to our brand new tool, we will analyse, extract and respond to conversations based on the following criteria:

- People are asking Questions or Inquiring

- People are Complaining About

- People are talking about your Competitors

- Market Research and Insights

- People are Intending to Purchase 

- People that mentioned your product or brand

- Intend on distributing content by answering questions

- Show your expertise by engaging in conversations

- Target by Keyword and Location and a certain followers number base.

We can filter up to 10 keywords by using criteria such as "and" "or" and will reply manually to 30, 50 or 100 conversations per day for 30 days. One of our social media managers will directly be appointed to do so for you and ask you what to answer in which context.

This will not only get unique leads but also improve your Twitter presence and increase your back-links for SEO purposes.

This is a unique service which allows us to directly respond to your customers, as well as receive new leads by targeting users who intend to purchase your products, poach your competitors' customers OR share market insight and content distribution.